Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And that strange noise in the night is...

Only I would get almost giddy to finally identify what I've been hearing for months on my evening walks. When I heard it, I often thought it sounded like a chattering monkey. Yeah, right. There are no monkeys in the Sonoran Desert, but listen for yourself!

Strange sounds in the desert can be almost anything--mammal, lizard, amphibian or bird. Because I usually heard my "monkey" late at night, I thought it might be an owl. I even spent a couple of hours online one evening poring over owl audio clips but I never found what I heard, and I never quite had the courage to ask Brad, my local expert at Wild Birds Unlimited, what kind of a night bird sounded like a monkey. Besides, discovery is half the fun!

But tonight I saw AND heard my night monkeys when two lesser nighthawks careened overhead. I see nighthawks almost every night, but I don't often hear them in flight.

Lesser Nighthawk
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