Saturday, April 26, 2014

Osprey and Western Bluebird

Last Sunday, on my first a trip to Rose Canyon Lake on Mt. Lemmon I saw my very first Osprey and Western Bluebird. At first glance of the osprey's white head, I had hoped it was a bald eagle, but an Osprey is still a new bird for me.

Osprey mg 9605

I still have yet to see an eagle in the wild! I'm also fairly certain this was my first western bluebird sighting. I've seen lots of mountain and eastern bluebirds, but I'm not convinced I'd seen a western bluebird.

Western Bluebird - Stierch - 1
Western Bluebird

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Edge of night

In all things of nature...

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lazuli Bunting visits the fountain

Lazuli Buntings only migrate through Arizona so it's a special treat to see one. Today, I spotted one taking a drink from the stone cactus fountain.

Lazuli Bunting - Tucson - April 2014
Lazuli Bunting - but not the exact bird that I saw...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lone sunflower growing along a wash

What a pleasant surprise to find this sunflower blooming near the wash. I didn't know that sunflowers would could grow in Tucson without some supplemental water, but this one seems to be doing quite well. Although it probably won't get very tall, the growing conditions must be just right. It probably got planted from bird droppings. I think I'll throw a few sunflower seeds in a corner of my yard next spring.

A sunflower!

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